Little Barn Owls Day Nurseries provide three balanced nutritional meals and snacks each day, these are included within our fees.

All our meals are planned and home-made on the premises each day by our experienced Nursery chefs. Eggs are provided by the chickens in our Farm School at Horsham and we use fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables, much of which the children grow themselves. Where possible free-range and organic produce is used too. Our menus are rotated every week and reviewed quarterly.

A Typical menu

Our daily menu will provide your child with their all important 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables.

Breakfast: Selection of cereals, wholemeal toast and spreads.
Morning snack: Crackers and cheese or rice cakes, fresh and dried fruit.
Afternoon snack: Vegetable sticks, breadsticks and dip.


Lunch: Roast of the day: Roast potatoes, carrots & Yorkshire puddings
*Vegetarian option available
Dessert: Bananas and custard.
Tea: Healthy fresh soup and crumpets.
Dessert: Fresh fruit platter.


Lunch: Seasonal risotto with broccoli.
*Vegetarian option available
Dessert: Pear, apple and sultana bake, with crème fraiche.
Tea: Seasonal homemade quiche with salad.
Dessert: Fresh fruit platter.


Lunch: Homemade Swedish meatballs, with green beans and mashed potatoes.
*Vegetarian option available
Dessert: Semolina with a fruit purée.
Tea: Breaded fish in a wholemeal wrap, cucumber, peppers, tomato ketchup.
Dessert: Natural yoghurt with fruit.


Lunch: Mango chicken, cous-cous & green beans
*Vegetarian option available
Dessert: Pineapple sponge and cream.
Tea: Salmon burgers with crème fraiche and salad.
Dessert: Fresh fruit yoghurt.


Lunch: Fish pie, with minted peas.
Dessert: Winter trifle.
Tea: Baked potato, served with a selection of freshly made fillings & Fresh salad.
Dessert: Fruit yoghurt.


Our weaning menus are planned for two phases of weaning from 4-6 months and 6-12 months at our Horsham Nursery. We provide home cooked pureed fruit and vegetables, meat and vegetarian meals adapted to be safe and nutritious for babies under 2 years old. After 12 months of age our meals are prepared or adapted appropriately.

Our children love cooking!

The children do a lot of cooking at the nursery and will often eat what they have made that day. For example, homemade quesadillas would be made by the children in the day as part of activity and then eaten for lunch along with salad and a dessert to finish.

We collect eggs from our chickens and fruit and vegetables from the edible garden to serve with meals. We can provide balanced meals for any type of specific dietary requirement including vegan children. Please let us know if there are any foods your child dislikes so we can provide an alternative for them.

Sleep routines

Children's home sleep routines are followed at Little Barn Owls nurseries using cots, mats and cosy beds. Every child has their own sleep bag with a new blanket and sheet provided when they arrive, which is washed weekly by us.

Learning to sleep at nursery is a concern every parent shares. Please don't worry, our careful planning of quiet times means we are yet to meet a child (even very young babies) who won't sleep at our nursery, and all children are supervised at all times and recorded checks are carried out every ten minutes throughout their sleeping.