Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to become as involved as possible in nursery life, and there is a lot for you to be involved in.


We pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with our parents. We give detailed accounts of your child’s day at collection time, including activities and enquiries they have been involved in and eating and sleeping information. Key workers are always available too to discuss individual care needs at the beginning or end of the day.


We hold two parents evenings a year where you get to discuss your child’s overall happiness, development and progress at nursery and give feedback to us on your experience. We record and assess their progress through an online Learning Journal which you have secure access to and observations, photographs and videos are emailed to you so you can see how we are tracking their progress. You will also receive a settling in report, and termly progress reports on your child’s development.


We have an active Parent Nursery Association who meet with us roughly every six weeks in the evenings. The group is chaired by a parent and we hold several events throughout the year, including Family Forest School Days, Fun Days, Christmas Parties, Parent Workshops and Graduation Ceremonies. There is more information on our workshops and events for parents on the Events page.


We host a variety of evening talks and workshops for parents through our PNA (Parent Nursery Association). The most recent being a ‘Sleep Workshop’ run by Positive Parenting Expert, Elizabeth O’shea giving advice on how to help your child develop positive sleep habits.


A large part of our successful self-assessment practises is built on the feedback parents give us. We have an open door policy and are always on hand to discuss any worries or concerns, as small as they may seem. Parents have the Manager’s mobile number and are encouraged to call weekends and evenings if ever necessary.

We send out annual feedback forms which provide us with your views on everything from the nursery meals, the performance of our staff, as well as your children’s experiences. We use this information to assess whether we are reaching our goals and set new ones for the year ahead.


I think Little Barn Owls is a fantastic environment for children to learn, grow and develop. In the short time Amy has been a “Snowy Owl” I can tell she is really enjoying it. In the car on the way home she babbles away to me as if she is trying to tell me all the fun things she has been doing during the day. Amy is already learning new skills from the older children and as an ex Art student myself I love that there is an Atelier and Atelierista to encourage her creative side. It must be so exciting for the children to be able to learn about the animals and the workings of a farm. I enjoy spotting the farm animals at pickup time myself (normally ducks but recently cows and a piglet!)

When dropping Amy off in the morning I really feel like she is spending the day somewhere special and I could not be happier in my decision for her to attend Little Barn Owls.

Mum to Amy, age 1, Little Barn Owls - Horsham

I don’t think there is a nursery in the country that will ever compare to the LBO magic that the team create together at Southwater. You’re an exceptional team!

LBO Southwater Parent

The practitioners at Little Barn Owls are an extraordinary collection of the kindest, most resourceful and most highly-skilled people you could hope to have looking after your child. They are true marvels!

Little Barn Owls Parent

Thank you all so much for everything you do for our little one. I still remember his first Christmas creation from Snowies which is on our Christmas tree. They grow so quickly and couldn’t be happier that Nestoras is part of the LBO family. Thank you ❤️

Mum to Nestoras