The Nursery Day

A typical day at Little Barn Owls Nursery

This is an example of how your child may spend their day with us. Our activities and projects change regularly depending on the children’s interest.

8am The children arrive and put their photo card on a chosen peg. A choice of  cereal, toast and muffins are served for breakfast until 9am.
8:30am Garden opens to begin free flow inside and outside.
9:30am After a tidy up together we gather in small groups to welcome each other, share home experiences and propose the morning’s sessions which may be project based, cooking with one of our chefs, phonics or expressive art sessions.
10am Free flow Snack Bar opens.
11:30am The children gather in small groups inside and out to share and reflect their meaningful experiences from the morning. We include props and photos for reflection, encouraging the children’s thoughts and opinions. One group of children also help the cooks and staff to set up the tables, including fresh flowers on each table.
11.45am The children wash their hands and serve their own delicious lunch with the help from our educators.
12:30pm Sleepy children get cosy for a nap in the sleep area with soft music and the other children gather together for a story.
1pm The garden opens again for free flow indoors and outside.
2pm Afternoon focused sessions begin alongside free flow activities, including time in our Atelier with our artist and project focused sessions.
2:15pm Free flow snack bar opens.
3:30pm After a tidy together the children gather together in small groups to share and reflect their experiences from the afternoon and some children set the tables for tea.
3:45pm Children wash their hands and sit together for tea, serving themselves with the support from educators.
4:30 – 5pm Garden and decking reopens for group games.
5.45 – 6pm Quiet wind down activities such as stories, large drawings, water colour painting and sensory projections in the atelier. Parents arrive and have a thorough handover of their child’s day and special experiences.